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Patient Group

Patient Group is to ensure that patients are involved in decisions about the range and quality of services provided by our practice. Its aim is to encourage our practice to routinely ask for and act on the views of our patients. This includes patients being involved in decisions that lead to changes to the services our practice provides, either directly or in its capacity as gatekeeper to other services. The aim is to promote the proactive engagement of our patients through an effective Patient Reference Groups and to seek views from our patients. The outcomes of the engagement and the views of our patients will be published on the practice website.

The Patient Group are currently involved in 2 Service Improvement Plans and, to ensure accurate measurement of achievement, these plans are expected to extend into a second year.

  1. To increase the flu jab uptake in target patients.
  2. To improve services from ‘trends’ identified from comments about the Practice as stated by patients on the NHS Choices website.

The flu uptake statistical investigations showed the following:

Plan 1. Flu Uptake.

  • Pharmacist vaccinated many more patients than in previous years.
  • Encourage the continuance of this, ensuring that they have a good and timely process for informing the practice.
  • There were no obvious differences in the target achievement figures between the sexes.
  • No action needed.
  • Actual number of target patients receiving vaccination is up but list size increase indicates lower percentages achieved than last year.
  • Increase posters and flags in the practice and use MJOG to send reminders.


Plan 2. Choices Website Patient adverse comments.

  • Comments were categorised under the headings of ‘staff’ or ‘systems’ and then searched for any trends. The common themes were rude/unhelpful receptionists under the staff heading and, the appointment and telephone systems under the ‘systems’ heading.
  • The practice is about to have a new telephone system installed and it was felt that this should greatly reduce ‘problems’ patients have in getting through to the surgery.
  • Appointments, or apparent lack of them, are a common complaint by patients. It was suggested that our current system was not a problem and that the comments are made by patients who expect a same day appointment and are disgruntled when one is not available. There is difficulty in getting across to some patients that we are not an emergency service. It was also suggested that we increase our efforts in getting patients to register with our on-line services.
  • There was one particular receptionist known to us as being the likely cause of at least some these comments. She, and the whole reception team, has been spoken to and improvements have already been noted.


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